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Krakow City Breaks

Krakow might be Poland’s second-largest city, but it is definitely home of culture and magnificence. Acting as Poland’s political capital for 500 years, Krakow emits sophistication and elegance in both its castles and cobbled streets. In fact Krakow has a unique mixture of gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture whilst also boasting the largest ancient market square in Europe.

Krakow is the perfect choice for a cheap city break. Krakow’s charm has made it a firm favourite for those seeking a short break in Europe, enchanting its visitors to its historic old town and to its modern renewal making it the perfect destination for your Poland holidays.

Best Places to Stay

Kazimierz is the Jewish neighbourhood of Krakow and is perfect for those looking for a cultural holiday to Krakow. Bustling with cafes, boutique shops, galleries and bars Kazimierz offers a bohemian side of the city. Kazimierz is south of Stare Miasto and takes around 20 minutes to walk to Rynek Glowny.
If you are looking to live like a local whilst still being close to the attractions, then Kleparz is the place for you. Located directly north of Stare Miasto, Kleparz is mostly a residential neighbourhood that avoids the big crowds and price tags in the more touristy areas.
Set on the banks of Vistula River, Ludwinow offers a different side to the city. The neighbourhood provides more of a hip vibe, and if you are on a budget, you will find accommodation is generally cheaper here. There is also an artificial beach if you are looking to relax and get away from the busier areas of the city.
Stare Miasto
Stare Miasto
Stare Miasto is the old town neighbourhood of Krakow and is the most central location within the city. With most of the attractions within walking distance, it makes for a perfect base location for a city break in Krakow. With the largest medieval market square in Europe called Rynek Glowny at its centre, you will be spoilt for choice of bars and restaurants in Stare Miasto.

Things to do

Take a walk around Wawel Castle

The seat of power in Poland for five centuries, the Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral is impressive from both the inside and out. The castle is the perfect place to discover more about Polish history. Inside you will find 71 exhibition halls holding thousands of valuable exhibits. Among others, these include numerous paintings, famous tapestries, furniture, military collections as well as archaeological findings.

Set upon a hill the castle also offers excellent views of the city below. Guided tours of Wawel Castle start from £24 and last for 2 hours.

Wawel Castle

Hang out in Rynek Glowny

The main square in Krakow, there is much to see and do including the 14th century St Mary’s basilica and the 16th century Renaissance Cloth Hall, which is the perfect place to buy original polish handcrafts as a souvenir.

Lined with cafes, restaurants, and bars, it is a great place to sit and watch the world go by. Be sure to check Rynek underground, a highly popular museum that takes visitors four metres under the surface of the market square to explore the recently excavated medieval merchant stalls.

Rynek Glowny

Go on a tour of Auschwitz

A must-see whilst in Krakow is the former Second World War concentration camp which is located outside of Krakow in the town of Auschwitz. Connected to the tragic time of Nazi rule in Poland, the camp acts as a commemoration of the many victims of the Nazi regime.

At the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum you can see a large collection of personal objects belonging to the prisoners as well as the 150 buildings still standing today.


Get the festive feeling at a Christmas Market
If you are in Krakow at the end of November or in December be sure to go to the Christmas Market in Rynek Glowny. This Christmas market twinkles with old-fashioned magic that is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. Full of different wooden stalls selling a variety of products and food for you to try and not to forget the mulled wine called grzaniec, which is served from huge barrels. You won’t come away disappointed.
Christmas Market

Best Ways to Get Around

Best way to get around Krakow

Travelling around Krakow is fairly easy as most of the attractions are within walking distance of each. There are also open-top bus tours available, which will get you from one attraction to the next.

Krakow doesn’t have an underground, however the bus routes and times are very good with night buses also running. Private taxis are also responsible and reliable. There are routes for both buses and taxis to and from the airport to the city centre. Taxis rides will however be quicker taking around 30 minutes depending on traffic and will cost around £20.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Like any large European city, there is always something happening. However, be sure to visit in late May whilst Lajkonik Pageant is on. This parade is a colourful tradition which fills the streets with music and historical costumes.

    The Jewish Culture Festival in July also gives lots to do and see and the Christmas Markets starting in November never fail to impress visitors.

  • A Krakow delicacy which you can find on pretty much every street corner is obwarzanek, a large prezetal. Krakow's food is hearty with choices such as zurek, a creamy sour soup served with sausage or hard-boiled egg, barszcz or beetroot soup and Polish dumplings or pierogi. Similar to ravioli, they're made with sweet or savoury fillings.
  • Polish is the official language, however English is widely spoken too.
  • Krakow’s climate is very similar to that of the UK, the summer months can be hot and humid in the low 20s, whereas the winter months get colder than the UK and can go into minus figures, with snow being a regular occurrence. For the most comfortable sightseeing months visit in spring and early autumn.