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Grand Cruise of the Moselle, Rhine, Luxembourg & Switzerland - MS Oscar Wilde

18days from
£4,949*per person


18 Days - River Cruises

From Switzerland's regal cities to sleepy little towns, where tales of yore seep from every crooked timber, this classic river escapade has the perfect balance of time spent in natural beauty and a good dose of culture.   It might be the pristine landscapes of the Alps and Rhine Gorge that catch your eye, or the historic cities that pique your curiosity, or perhaps it’s the thought of getting wonderfully lost in time-stood-still villages. An adventurer’s hat and a dash of curiosity are your best companions, as we steer along two of Europe’s greatest rivers - the Rhine and Moselle.    A definite highlight of the trip is the Rhine Gorge, a natural wonder, where gravity-defying valley sides tower over 400 metres above. And if all that wasn’t enough, this Grand Cruise of the Moselle, Rhine, Luxembourg and Switzerland also includes a mountain rail journey into the Alpine wonderland of the Bernese Oberland.  Whether you’re a first-time river cruiser or a certified expert, this cruise is sure to impress. 


  • On arrival in Basel, you will be transferred by coach to the ship, where you’ll be moored overnight.
  • Lucerne What an impressive kick-off to our cruise, as today promises to be a visual feast. We’ll take the short drive to Lucerne, spectacularly nestled among mountain views. This chic city is by far Switzerland’s most beautiful and has been attracting well-heeled visitors for two centuries - our very own Queen Victoria among them.   A must-do is a brisk stroll along the Chapel Bridge symbol of the city, a unique and covered wooden walkway crossing the lake, supported by stilts, lined with flower-filled window boxes and a superb way to absorb Lucerne’s rather regal atmosphere.  You’ll be transported back in time as you take in the views that have charmed royalty and travellers alike.  Bernese Oberland   The scenery becomes ever more dramatic, and as you enter the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland, it becomes quite literally, breathtaking! This is the majestic Alpine heart of Europe, boasting some of the planet’s most sublime mountain landscapes. Mendelssohn, the composer, once declared it as ‘the most wonderful of all in this unbelievably beautiful country’. He wasn’t wrong.   Prepare to be awestruck as you take in the legendary snow-draped peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau; this is quintessential Switzerland at its absolute best. We’ll ascend by mountain railway for even more extraordinary vistas, with crystal-clear lakes mirroring the grassy meadows and emerald forests below - this magical landscape is sure to enchant you.   Later we’ll descend again by mountain railway, soaking up the views before making our way by coach back to our ship in Basel. Please note: temperatures will be significantly lower at altitude, even during the summer months, so it’s advisable to pack suitable clothing. While lunch is not included on this full-day excursion, the ship will offer a packed lunch.   Cap off this spectacular day with another exquisite dinner in the ship's restaurant. Included experiences Tour of the Bernese Oberland & visit to Lucerne.
  • Breisach Relax this morning on board whilst we sail to the ancient town of Breisach, whose historic heart is surrounded by stone ramparts and dominated by the impressive Saint Stephan’s Cathedral.  Black Forest & Titisee  This afternoon you drive through some of Central Europe’s most stunning scenery – the Black Forest Mountains. This is a fabled landscape of rugged valleys, white-water rivers, cascading waterfalls and rolling hillsides covered with huge, densely packed pine trees – exactly as you expect it to be. Our destination is the idyllic village of Titisee, nestling on the shores of its crystal-clear lake.  As the sun sets and the riverside lights begin to twinkle, enjoy the views through the restaurant’s panoramic windows during tonight's excellent dinner. Afterwards retire to the lounge to enjoy tonight's live performance of popular music spanning the years by a highly talented violin soloist, before we slip our moorings to commence our cruise towards Strasbourg. Included experiences  Visit to Breisach, drive through the Black Forest with visit to Titisee & live violin soloist.
  • This morning, we have arrived in France and Strasbourg, capital of the Alsace region. After a hearty breakfast, we embark on a stroll through the charming 16th-century old town; straight from the pages of a storybook, it’s a real-life maze of narrow streets and canals adorned with timber-framed houses and fancy portals.    Prepare to be wowed by the Gothic grandeur of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the multi-towered Ponts Couverts - covered bridges - and the pretty Petite France quarter with pastel-painted houses lining the canals. And let's not forget the wine. Alsace wine is famed the world over, so don't resist the urge to linger in an Alsatian café or two to sample a crisp Riesling or the spicy kick of Gewürztraminer.   During lunch, our vessel glides away from our mooring as we commence an afternoon’s scenic cruising. Flop onto a sun lounger on the sun deck or retire to the shady comfort of the lounge to chat over a coffee with newly made friends.   As evening falls, thoughts turn to what might be on the menu tonight, so head to the relaxed ambience of the ship’s restaurant as the chef presents another delicious meal. In the bar toast the day’s adventures with newly made friends as we arrive in Speyer later tonight.   Included experience Guided tour of Strasbourg.
  • Speyer We’ll remain moored in Speyer this morning to enjoy a guided tour of this medieval gem, founded by the Celts and one of Germany’s oldest cities, celebrated for its illustrious past.   The Imperial Cathedral steals the show—a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Romanesque masterpiece, and the resting place of Holy Roman emperors and German kings. The marble-floored crypt, a serene space adorned with pastel-coloured pillars, is the resting place of many Holy Roman emperors and German kings.   Another landmark is the neo-Gothic Gedächtniskirche, built to commemorate the 1529 ‘Protestation at Speyer’, a pivotal moment in Protestant history when a group of Martin Luther’s followers rejected his imperial ban – and his religious followers subsequently known as Protestants.   Returning on board for lunch, we’ll recommence our cruise, so sit back and watch the scenery slipping past through the panoramic windows. Soak up the rolling hills and fertile vineyards, home to the Liebfraumilch wines of the region, oxbow lakes, long deserted by the river flow and now havens for bird and wildlife.   Captain’s Dinner  Tonight on board, we’ll be served a special treat - the 'Captain's Dinner,' a culinary journey featuring specialties from the regions we've explored. Dress to impress – if you fancy it; It’s the perfect way to celebrate the flavours of our cruise!   During dinner our vessel arrives in the classic Rhine wine village of Rüdesheim, so you might fancy wandering ashore to enjoy a digestif – perhaps a glass of Asbach, the famous brandy distilled locally.    Included experience Guided tour of Speyer.
  • Rüdesheim Our ship is moored in Rüdesheim, amidst crooked houses cascading down wooded hillsides and terraced vineyards. The morning unfolds with a walking tour through the bustling marketplace, (you’ll struggle not to fall for its charms), stopping to admire the half-timbered Klunkhardshof and formidable Bromserburg Castle, standing guard since 1275.  Rhine Gorge This afternoon we’ll witness a real highlight of the cruise, the dramatic Rhine Gorge. Steep vineyards give way to almost vertical rocky outcrops, towering over 1,000 feet above the sweeping valley sides. Sailing past Saint Goar and its many ruined castles, the legends of this historic river come to life, and the infamous Loreley Rock, where beautiful nymphs supposedly lured sailors to their demise, adds a touch of mystique to our journey.   Relax on the sun deck as our captain skilfully navigates the ship through the huge looping bend at Boppard – one of the river’s most captivating turns. Keep an eye out for the mighty Marksburg Castle too, an impressive fortress dating back to the 13th century. Koblenz It’s not long before we arrive in picturesque Koblenz, founded by the Romans, and strikingly located at the confluence of the Rhine and its sister, the Moselle. Wander Koblenz’s maze of medieval buildings in the Altstadt – old town – with traditional little shops and delicious aromas wafting from its classic Rhineland cafés.   On our guided tour of this town, historic buildings emerge at every turn: you’ll see the former mint, the Four Towers with their ornamental 17th-century turrets and several fascinating squares and churches, including the 9th-century Basilica of Saint Kastor. The waterfront along the Moselle is stunning too, with the medieval Balduin Bridge, staggeringly still in use.   If you manage to resist the tempting cakes on offer from the beckoning pavement cafés, then you’ll be ready for tonight’s meticulously prepared dinner on board. Afterwards, immerse yourself in the lively sounds of Rhenish folk music with a live performance featuring traditional instruments - a fitting conclusion to a day rich in history and culture.   Included experiences Cruise through Rhine Gorge, guided tour of Rüdesheim, guided tour of Koblenz & live folk music performance.  
  • Free time sailing Early birds will witness our departure from Koblenz as we set sail towards Cologne before we settle in for a leisurely morning on board as we drift through this lovely Rhineland scenery, past quaint riverside towns with pretty waterfronts and carefully tended vineyards. See the famous ruined bridge at Remagen, which was captured intact by the Allies towards the end of the Second World War, allowing thousands of troops to cross into Germany’s heartland and the forested Siebengebirge - Seven Mountains – a cluster of ancient volcanic hills. Rumour has it they inspired many of the Brothers Grimm’s legends, including Snow White.   Cologne During lunch, we arrive in historic Cologne, where you’ll have a free afternoon to explore. Perhaps visit the cathedral, the largest Gothic structure on earth. It has Europe’s most intricate stained glass, (a labour of 600 years!) and when work was finally complete, it was the largest building on earth, until eclipsed by the Eiffel Tower.   Or maybe you’ll opt to wander in the vibrant and attractive old town, beautifully restored and boasting a plethora of excellent shopping and cosy bars, some of which still traditionally brew their own beer.   This evening, the chef presents another superb menu and it’s the perfect moment to reflect with your fellow diners on some of the wonderful places you’ve seen so far – with plenty more to in store!       Included experience Visit to Cologne.
  • Free day in Cologne After a lazy breakfast there’ll be the opportunity to recharge and reset today with time to yourself to get further acquainted with this beautifully grand and historic city. Your tick list might include a wander round the Sculpture Park or indulging your sweet tooth at the famous Chocolate Museum. Take a ride on the city’s cable car as you soar over the Rhine with dazzling views of the city and beyond. Or perhaps while away a few peaceful hours in the Museum Ludwig pondering the colourful canvases in its modern art collections then head to the Flora Botanic Gardens to lose yourself in the vibrant blooms and exotic plants. Don’t forget to stop for some refreshment with a glass or two of craft beer in the quirky Belgian Quarter too, with its cool bars and laid-back feel.   Later return to the ship and relax on board (you’ll be in the swing of things by now!) before the chef wows us once again with another exquisitely presented menu.   Included experience Visit to Cologne.
  • Andernach Awake in the delightful town of Andernach, nestling behind sturdy medieval walls. One of the oldest towns in Germany, it was founded by the Romans in 12BC on the site of an old Celtic settlement then seized by the Franks in 450 AD who set up a royal court within its old fort walls. By medieval times, the town had grown in stature and was trading with places as far away as England and Scandinavia – even having its own mint and coinage. Andernach and the surrounding area is well known for its pumice with production booming since the 1950s. Enjoy a guided walking tour around its picturesque streets and admire the town’s mighty defensive walls, gates and towers, the finest of which is the 56-metre tall Round Tower. See the impressive, ruined castle with its well-preserved keep, and the majestic cathedral with its four soaring towers, fine interior and unusual wall decorations. At the old harbour area discover the Old Crane, a 16th-century stone-turning tower crane, still in use until 1911 to load millstones, tuff and wine. Over lunch, we set sail, arriving before long again at the magnificent city of Koblenz. Koblenz This afternoon, we’ll have the chance to explore the city of Koblenz further. Here, you can chart your own course through this 2,000-year-old city as you stroll its historic squares, taking in the beautifully restored buildings and cosy little cafes with the aroma of fresh coffee and pastries tempting you inside. Ride the city’s cable car over the rooftops or weave through the winding streets on the Noddy Train.   Over tonight’s four-course meal our ship gracefully sails on along the Moselle’s gently winding course.   Included experience Visits to Andernach & Koblenz.
  • Free time sailing After breakfast, find a sun lounger on the sun deck to enjoy some fabulous river views during a morning of scenic sailing. You’ll never tire of this natural landscape, with gentle forested hills sweeping down to the rippling water’s edge.   Bernkastel After lunch on board, explore the medieval town of Bernkastel, where quintessential charm reigns supreme! A huddle of pointy roofs and spires, tall timber framed treasures and intriguing alleys hide a host of wineries and cosy taverns. Stroll the cobbled lanes, pausing to admire the famous Pointed House, the perfect example of a Moselle vintner’s traditional dwelling, (and the height of Middle Ages sophistication), its ancient timber frame bedecked with colourful window boxes. Look out for the Graacher Tor, the last remaining gate dating from 1300, now housing a local history museum or if you’re feeling energetic, take a walk up to the old castle for amazing views.   The Moselle is of course synonymous with wine production. One of thirteen wine growing regions in Germany it is the third largest yet most famous wine producing area. Mainly cultivating grapes for white wines, the Rieslings crafted from the Moselle’s vineyards are considered some of the world’s finest – so it’d be rude not to sample some. We’ll visit a local cellar to learn more about this ancient process, followed by a wine-tasting of some of their best produce.   Return to the ship for dinner and perhaps end the evening with a nightcap in the bar to the soothing tones of the on-board pianist as we sail overnight to Trier.   Included experiences Visit to Bernkastel and local cellar with wine tasting.  
  • Luxembourg This morning we’ll drive from Trier through this scenic region to Luxembourg. Small but beautifully formed, just under 1,000 square miles in size, this diminutive country still packs a mighty punch with fine castles, medieval fortifications and beautifully preserved little towns. We’ll arrive in the capital bearing the same name, located amidst the deep gorges cut by the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers where a local guide will impart their knowledge of this interesting city. Discover sights including the cathedral, charming old town and grand squares lined with fine public buildings. The city is also famed for its extraordinary UNESCO Bock Casemates, a defensive subterranean tunnel network, initially carved in the 17th century under Spanish rule, and subsequently extended. There’ll be some free time to explore under your own steam so why not head for the beautiful Place d’Armes, fringed by the impressive facades of the city’s palace, as well as buzzing bars and restaurants and shady lime trees.  Trier Return to the ship for lunch, before disembarking to discover the treasures of Germany’s oldest city. Trier, founded by the Romans, was the capital of much of their empire, encompassing present-day Spain, France, Britain and parts of Germany. The city had a population of 80,000 people – enormous for ancient times – and Emperor Constantine lived here. It boasts a wealth of intact Roman monuments, including an amphitheatre, baths and bridge – the most impressive being the Porta Nigra, a fortified gate made of huge stone blocks that towers above the medieval rooftops. This is the largest and best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps, and testimony to the Romans’ architectural genius. Discover Trier’s Roman heritage, together with its impressive cathedral, the oldest bishop’s church in Germany through the expert eyes of our local guide before some free time for you to explore on your own. After tonight’s dinner we set sail towards Cochem. Signature experiences Scenic drive to Luxembourg with guided tour of Luxembourg City & guided tour of Trier.
  • Free morning sailing A morning of scenic cruising awaits, so catch up on a spot of reading in the ship’s library, book yourself in for a little pampering in the spa, or just pull up a comfy vantage point on deck and do nothing at all. Really there’s no excuse needed!    Approaching Cochem we pass through an impressive series of locks – and if you don’t want to miss the action, head up on deck to watch this fascinating system in operation. This is the very heart of the Moselle wine trade and all around you’ll note steep, tree-crested slopes covered in a patchwork of seriously steep vineyards, crisscrossed by precarious-looking tracks and roads allowing access to the vines.   Cochem During lunch, we’ll arrive in Cochem, the traditional wine trade centre. Perched high above the town is a multi-turreted castle, its many spires puncturing the sky above the velvet green backdrop of forest and regimented vines. Enjoy a guided tour before free time to explore under your own steam. Laid back and charming, Cochem’s streets were made for wandering - enjoy the fairytale backdrop of pastel-coloured houses, quirky shops and wine cellars. History lovers will head for the Reichsburg, an imperial castle surveying the town below, to explore the sumptuous dining and hunting rooms; step back in time as you wander through the Knights’ Hall imagining the grand feasts that once took place here. The structure you see today was built in the 1868 on the site of a 12th-century castle which served to collect tolls from passing ships, and the views from the castle grounds are spectacular and well worth the walk.   Return to our ship where the chef presents tonight’s delicious menu. As evening falls our ship slips away from port and our adventure continues.   Included experience Guided tour of Cochem.
  • Rhine Gorge Today you’ll have another change to see the world-famous Rhine Gorge, and luckily these views never get boring! Our idea of perfection is spending time sitting on the sun deck as you float past some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, with a nice coffee, no to do list to tick off, and nowhere to be.  Rüdesheim At lunchtime we arrive in Rüdesheim for the second time. This afternoon we’ll board the Winzerexpress road train for a tour of the sights and the surrounding vineyards, enjoying some superb views of the town and river below. Later join an optional visit to Siegfried’s Mechanical Museum located in the turreted Brömserhof, a collection of around 350 intricate, antique instruments and musical boxes from around the world, many still in working order, evoking the sounds of yesteryear with their delicate melodies. Alternatively, opt for your own adventure and discover a delightful marketplace lined with pastel facades and snug taverns at Rüdesheim’s heart, overlooked by Brömserburg Castle. As you wander the maze of streets, don’t miss the impressive Klunkhardshof, one of the town’s finest 15th-century homes with its traditional timber frame and gabled roof.   After dinner back on board, reconvene in the bar for a digestif or perhaps a coffee with a shot of locally produced Asbach brandy as we set sail once more. Included experiences Visit to Rüdesheim and Winzerexpress tour.
  • Worms You’ll wake this morning in the ancient Roman city of Worms, and it might feel like time has wound to a firm halt here. The four, tiered towers and huge domes of the Romanesque cathedral dominate the city skyline and as you wander with our local guide, you’ll find relics of its fascinating past scattered across the old town, from impressive churches, ruins of the city’s fortifications and a Jewish cemetery. We’ll visit Worms’ centrepiece, the 12th-century cathedral, to admire its beautiful colonnaded interior and chapel. Whilst much of its stained glass was replaced after a nearby explosion, you cannot fail to marvel at the intricate Gothic reliefs and the gilded high altar.   Speyer or Mannheim Over lunch on board, we’ll sail on to Mannheim. This afternoon you’ll have the option to join our visit to Speyer if you would like to return to this city founded by the Celts and spend more time to discover its sights and learn about its illustrious past. Alternatively, stay to explore Mannheim, an innovative city with a world-famous reputation – particularly when it comes to transport – the automobile, bicycle and tractor were all invented here. Visit the impressive baroque palace, Germany’s largest, to wander its staterooms and palace church, or take in its trio of museums with superb collections from art and antiquities to photography and music history. Stroll to the sixty-metre-high Water Tower dating from 1886, set amongst elegant cascading fountains and neatly tended flower gardens – you’ll understand why it was once known as ‘Little Paris’.   Included experiences Guided tour of Worms & visit to Speyer or Mannheim.
  • Heidelberg or Schwetzingen This morning you’ll get to choose how to spend your day. Your first option will be a visit to the refined city of Heidelberg. An architectural miracle, escaping damage during the Second World War, this beautifully preserved city straddles the banks of the River Neckar, against an idyllic backdrop of forested slopes. An imposing castle stands guard over its romantic Altstadt – old town – a huddle of gabled terracotta roofs and pointy spires. Its 14th-century university is one of Europe’s most prestigious – think European Oxbridge. During the 19th century it was the centre of Germany’s Romantic Movement, on the route of the Grand Tour and visited by many artists including JMW Turner who captured its splendours for eternity. On our guided walking tour, you’ll discover the main attractions, including the magical stone bridge with its twin white towers and there’ll also be some free time to chart your own course through this genteel city.   Alternatively, there’s a dash of horticulture on the menu with a visit to Schwetzingen Palace to enjoy a tour of its grounds. Built on the site of a former castle, dating back to 1350, the palace reached the height of its splendour under the Prince Elector Carl Theodor during the 18th century, who instructed the most notable landscape gardeners of the time to create the exquisite gardens, the design of which survives today. A baroque masterpiece, stroll the tended paths and leafy avenues, admiring the blooms from far and wide and a host of sculptures. An assortment of whimsical buildings – a small Temple of Apollo, a Bathhouse in the style of an Italian villa and the Turkish Garden’s Mosque with its intricate oriental decoration - lend an exotic touch. The 18th-century English-style park is one of the earliest of its kind in Germany and it’s a joy to amble around the lake, with the many tree species mirrored in its tranquil water.   Free time sailing, Rhine Gorge Return to the ship for lunch, then enjoy the ship’s facilities during our scenic afternoon’s cruising towards Niederlahnstein. After tonight’s dinner we cruise through the iconic Rhine Gorge once more as evening falls, arriving in Niederlahnstein later tonight.  Included experience Guided tour of Heidelberg or visit to Schwetzingen Palace with guided tour of gardens.
  • Niederlahnstein After breakfast, we visit the magnificent Marksburg Castle, dating from the 13th century and as one of the only castles on the Rhine to fully escape war damage, it well-deserves its UNESCO status. On a guided tour through its nooks and crannies, learning about life here through the ages, we’ll see the impressive Gothic Hall, armoury and a kitchen that no doubt cooked its fair share of feasts. Take in the expansive views stretching for miles over the river and valley below – you can see exactly why the castle was so well positioned to view oncoming enemies.    Free time sailing Return to the ship for lunch after which we’ll set sail for Bonn, so settle in for an afternoon of scenic cruising. Freshen up, then gather for an aperitif in the lounge to watch our arrival in the vibrant city of Bonn. Tonight, we’ll enjoy a superb Gala Dinner. Included experience Guided tour of Marksburg Castle.
  • Bonn Embark on a leisurely morning in Bonn, a city with a dual personality—official seat of government and a historical gem waiting to be explored. The former capital of the West German state, Bonn, may have lost its parliamentary battle, but its charm prevails. Stroll through the old town, framed by grand squares and the pastel pink town hall with its gleaming gilding. The soaring spire of the imposing Romanesque church is the city’s landmark, and did you know Beethoven called this city home? His former abode is now a museum, inviting you into the world of the musical genius.   Cologne As lunch is served on board, we set sail once more and it’s not long until Cologne’s skyline appears on the horizon. The cathedral’s famous spires tower above the old town’s maze of cobbled streets, where our expert guide will bring the city’s fascinating history to life. The cathedral, the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe, miraculous survivor of Second World War bombing and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is sure to be a highlight. Six centuries in the making, among this masterpiece’s many treasures are the magnificent stained-glass windows and gilded sarcophagus said to contain the remains of the three kings from the Nativity story.    Explore the vibrant old town, where the past weaves its magical spell over the present in beautifully restored streets, boasting an abundance of excellent shopping and cosy bars, some of which still brew their own beer. After some free time, we'll return to the ship for our final dinner—an exquisite finale to this cruise.  Included experiences Visit to Bonn & guided tour of Cologne. 

What's Included

Holiday Highlights

  • Explore some of Europe’s most interesting cities, including Strasbourg, Koblenz, Speyer, Rüdesheim, Cologne, Trier, Luxembourg City, Cochem, Worms, Breisach, Lucerne, Andernach and Bonn
  • Immerse yourself in culture and history with a guided tour of either Heidelberg or Schwetzingen Palace, and Marksburg Castle
  • Marvel at the sights along the Rhine River, including passage through the Rhine Gorge and the river bend outside of Boppard
  • Soak up epic views in the Black Forest on a visit to the idyllic Titisee, and on a railway journey up the Bernese Oberland Mountain range
  • Enjoy a wine tasting in Bernkastel, and a Rhenish folklore night plus a violin soloist on board.

Our Price Includes

  • Prices are per person, based on two people sharing a twin cabin with a limited number of sole occupancy cabins available on all decks, at the relevant supplement. The price includes:  
  • All nights of your cruise in your choice of luxury cabin or suite
  • All meals on board, including welcome cocktails and the Captain’s Dinner
  • Complimentary on-board tea and coffee
  • Complimentary on-board Wi-Fi (connection speeds may vary) 
  • Return scheduled flights from a selection of regional airports 
  • Airport transfers and coach travel as mentioned
  • All visits and excursions as mentioned
  • Five-star service from an English-speaking crew and knowledgeable local guides
  • Services of a Riviera Travel Cruise Director and Concierge 
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